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Poppies Tab

B         A         E    

e ----7---- ----5---- ----x----
B ----7---- ----5---- ----9----
G ----8---- ----6---- ----9----
D ----9---- ----7---- ----9----
A ----9---- ----7---- ----7----
E ----7---- ----5---- ----7----


e -------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------
D --6---7p6---9---6---7p6---9----6---7p6---9-
A -------------------------------------------
E ----0-----0---0---0-----0---0----0-----0--- 

Intro (cont.)

e ----------------x-x-x-x/7-7-7-7...
B ----------------x-x-x-x/7-7-7-7...
G ----------------x-x-x-x/8-8-8-8...
D ----6---7p6---9-7-7-7-7/9-9-9-9...
A ----------------7-7-7-7/9-9-9-9...
E --0---0-----0---5-5-5-5/7-7-7-7...

riff 1:

e --------------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------------
G --------------------------------------------------
D --6---7p6---9---6---7p6---9----6---7p6---9----6---
A --------------------------------------------------
E ----0-----0---0---0-----0---0----0-----0----0-----
Play the main part (A to E) with a slide as shown below:

        A                E
e ---5----5------------x-x-x-x------------
B ---5----5--x--x--(7)/9-9-9-9------------
G ---6----6--x--x--(7)/9-9-9-9------------
D ---7----7--x--x--(7)/9-9-9-9------------
A ---7----7--------(5)/7-7-7-7------------
E ---5----5--------(5)/7-7-7-7------------
   "Lawng, lawng        ago...."

[ Tab from: ]
 A          E       A         E
Long, long ago, in China I'm told
   A            E           B
To England was traded some tea
    A              E       A         E
And so sealed the fate in pieces of eight
    A            E           B  
All England, and all of the world
    (riff 1)       B

      A            E        A            E
When soon his majesty sent soldiers and thieves
   A       E            B
To India searching for gold
    A               E          A          E 
Instead, from the ground some magic they found
      A             E          B  
Aww, something far better I'm told
(riff 1)          B
(riff 1)          B

(instrumental--play through chords of one verse)

    A                E         A          E
And now, this story told from days of our own
      A         E         B
When gossamer doggies ran ran
        A         E         A         E
They'd patiently wait, with pieces of eight
     A   E           B    
So everybody could smile
             (riff 1)        B
One more time.........poppies
             (riff 1)        B   E