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Keegans Christmas Tab

Keegan's Christmas
 E        C#m        B         A#        A         E*
e ----7---- ----4---- ----2---- ----1---- ----0---- ----0----
B ----9---- ----5---- ----4---- ----3---- ----2---- ----0----
G ----9---- ----6---- ----4---- ----3---- ----2---- ----1----
D ----9---- ----6---- ----4---- ----3---- ----2---- ----2----
A ----7---- ----4---- ----2---- ----1---- ----0---- ----2----
E ----0---- ----x---- ----x---- ----x---- ----x---- ----0----

e ----4----
B ----4----
G ----5----
D ----6----
A ----6----
E ----4----

The E to C#m for the soft parts in the beginning are played like so:

    E       C#m           and the B:
e -----------------------------------
B -----9------------5-------------4--
G -------9--------6-------------4---- 
D -------------6--------------4------
A --7-------4---------------2--------
E -----------------------------------


(E-C#m E-C#m E-C#m E-C#m-B)

E     C#m       E     C#m   
Three days 'til Christmas
E      C#m        B  
I can't wait that long

B  A# A          E*              
If I  could, I'd be a saint
A      E*
I have this complaint
A         E*              B
Why can't Christmas be today?
B A# A                E*             B
      Three days is much too far away

[ Tab from: ]
E   C#m      E  C#m
Dad said, "Go to bed."
     E          C#m      B   
Cuz that's where I should be
B   A#  A        E* 
But I  can't simply because
A           E*
That crazy Santa Clause
A                     E*              B
Keeps knock, knock, knockin' on the roof
B A# A           E*                 B
     It's really him Dad it's the truth

(E-C#m, E-C#m, E-C#m, A-E*)

E        C#m
Yuletide Christmas
A      E*      
Angels carolling
E          C#m 
Starlight, snowflakes
A         E*
Drifting, warbling
Past the window frame
         G#          A   E  
Past the places where I dream

(E-C#m) 4x

E    C#m    E         C#m
Late night, Christmas Eve
E     C#m       B 
I'm finally in bed
B    A#    A
And then boom, bam
Get out of bed
A          E*
And nearly cracked my head
A        E*                B
As I go flyin' down the stairs
B A# A            E              B          E
      To greet my Mom and Dad on Christmas Day

    E     C#m       E       C#m
(I can't wait for Christmas day