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Arrow Through The Sky Chords

Just an obscure, unreleased (but very very catchy) song by Marcy Playground. You
can hear this song on  They always play it live, too.
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G  F   C      G  F   C
Oooooooh      Oooooooh
F      C
You and I
             G      F            C
We're riding arrows through the sky
F     C                G     F   C
Satin lights above the boulevard tonite
And if we
F                                   C 
lose our way in love we can stop to discuss...or fly to venus
F                                      C
In a universe of mystery the marvel is us
And all between us
F                   C
And high above the city
F                C
Sure are looking pretty
F                C         G
Perched upon the arrow and haulin ass
F                 C
And all around we see
F             C
The possibilities 
F                   C               G  
And laugh about the sparrow we just passed