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If You Were Mine Chords

Marcos Hernandez - If you were mine
Tabbed by:RaidLink
Tuning  -  E A D G B E

Chorus -  (0:00) 

If you were mine 
i'd be your everything
and you'd be the only thing.
that i'd would ever need..

if you were mine. 
I would tell everyone.
that you are the only one.
that I could ever want.

ooooh yeah.

Verse 1 -  (0:26)

everything i dream about
everything i talk about..
one thing i cant live without
i wanna get closer to you.
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cant stand being far away
knowing you don't feel the same way.
Questioning bring tears to your eyes
Bm			     A

Chorus: (0:48) 
Verse 2: (1:14)

All the words I sing about..
all the letters i'd write about..
the only thing i'd wanna hear about.
so then i wanna get closer to you

I know theres someone else.
but he's only thinking of himself.
Doesn't make any sense for you being lonely

Chorus: (1:36) 
Bridge: (2:02) 

Let me be the one to share your hopes and dreams.
Bm			     E
You'll never be alone again, cuz i will hold you endlessly.
Bm		                E
Please dont be afraid to let your brokenheart guide you.
Bm			       E
into these open arms that long to surround you. baby..
Bm		              D        E

Chorus: (2:27)
Repeat Chorus: (2:51)