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Always Chords

Intro: C-Em-F-G-; (2x)

   C                     F
   Woman, I will love you always
      Dm                   G
   And I, promise I'll give you the best
    C                     F
   My love, you mean more than life to me 
      Dm                     G
   And I love you more than words can say

   F   G                 C     C,C/B,
   You, you'll be the only one
  Am                   Dm
   That I'll love for always
  G           Gm7    C
   Forever to cherish
                F      G
   I want you close to me
     G/F        Em     Am-Am/G-F
   And hold you endlessly,   ooh
            Dm               G
   And feel you girl in my arms

   C                F
   You, yes you are my sunshine
   You are the reason I breathe for
                       G       G7
   And there's nothing I want more
[ Tab from: ]
   I need you
  G                C             C,C/B,
   I need to have you in my life
  Am              Dm
   I want you always by my side
  G           Gm7     C
   Now and for always
    C7             F      G
   Whisper these words to me
     G/F         Em    Am
   That we will always be
     Dm     G            Gm7      C
   Together, just you and me forever

   C7          F         G
   I want to spend with you
   G/F        Em          Am  Am/G
   Baby, my whole life through
          F      Em     Dm-G
   Every moment loving you
     C    G#m7-C#7

   Adlib: F#-G#-[ch]G#/F#[/ch]-Fm-Bbm-

  C#7           F#            G#
   I want to give you all my love
   G#/F#         Fm       Bbm pause
   My heart, my soul, my life
          F#  Fm-Ebm-G#
   Every thing I am