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Saturday Chords

			     Saturday  Marc Broussard
Tabbed by: JBW

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used
Emaj 7       x79897
Bsus 4       xx9999
Emin7        x79787
F#min7       x9119109
Emaj         x79997
F#maj        x91111119
F#7          x911911x
E maj(D form)x1413111211
Amaj         x12119109

Listen to the song to get the rhythm down. and where the chords go. You can use the full 
or just break the chord into a smaller one. What ever you personally think sounds 
to you.

Intro/Verse/Chorus are all the same progression
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Emaj7     Bsus4
                        Emin7              F#min7
I gotta little thing comonna kaya
 Emaj7                         Bsus4
Cool sheets, real fine, lay me down in the hot july
  Emaj7                           Emin7             F#min7
I wish I may, I wish I might be next to you every night
 Emaj7                 Bsus4                 Emaj7            
No phone, no sir, don't wanna be disturbed Just me, just her, speak without
using words
Learning her every curve

              Emaj7                          Bsus4
There ain't nothing like sleepin late on a Saturday
    Emaj7                  Emin7        F#min7
Waking up to see my baby's face
You know I wouldn't wanna have it
Have it any other way
    Emaj7                                    Emin7        F#min7
Cause it's my favorite, sleeping late on a Saturday

Intro x1

She's the kind of girl that any man would fancy
But she's mine all mine, one of a kind
Her beauty so devine
This chance, romance, baby I cancelled all my plans
Just me, just you, whatever we want to do
I'm so into you


I'm pretty sure these chords are right. Im not to sure about the last E on the second 
of the bridge though.

   Emaj       F#maj
Since Monday I ain't thought of nothing but
  Amaj                  Emaj(D form)
Being right there with you
(Ooh I just want to be with you my baby)
   Emaj       F#7
Come Friday I can't wait
You're my special one, make me come undone
      Emaj(D form)
It's so much fun