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Lonely Night In Georgia Chords

Lonely Night In Georgia by Marc Broussard

Tabbed by John Feldhaus - Great job, thank you, John. Expansion by tonedeaftony:

Verse 1

Bb                     Cm
Stoplights turn into skylines
Eb                              Bb
And my mind turns to you
Two hundred miles behind
Off to this roadside dive
Wondering how this cup of coffee's gonna see me through

Dm7                                   Cm11
But this has been our story, some sad song
Dm7                       Eb7
Ever since the day, the day you came along


Bb                                     Cm11
It's a lonely night in Georgia
        Ab                     Eb                                Bb
And everything I do reminds me of being with you
It's a lonely night, but I'll be alright
'Cause I'm comin' on home, comin' on home to you

Interlude -- Bb-Cm x2

Verse 2
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Bb                                Cm11
Skylines turn into stoplights
         Eb                           Bb
Another town, another crowd
When all the peoples gone home
I'm left all alone, with nothin' but you to think about

Dm7                              Cm7
But this has been our story
I know you've heard it all before
'Cause every time I come home
You know I'm right back out that door



        Ab                    Gm7                      Bb
The warmth of your body though these tall olden pines
       Ab                    Gm7                      Bb                    Dm7
The sound of your heartbeat brings your skin to mine
       Ebmaj7                   Gm7                 Dm7               Cm7
Yours peach kisses ripened by your southern sun smile
              Ab                                           F7
Now my senses are heightened with the last hundred miles