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Round Eye Blues Chords

Round Eye Blues
By Dave and Serge Bielanko
From Marah's "Kids In Philly"

It's just E, C#m, A, and B throughout. 
Last night I closed my eyes and watched the tracers fly,
thru the jungle trees
like fireflies on a windy night
pulled up and onward by the breeze
and I could still here the far-off, tin canny sound
of their machine guns come unwound
And I was shaking like Little Richard
And I was sweating like old James Brown
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Over by my window sill the moon was still
on my cigarettes and wine
sometimes there's where I pray to Jesus
sometimes there's where I pray to die
but I could still sense the circling danger
of those invisible bastards of the piss-hot day
And I was shakin' with old Proud Mary
And I was sittin' on the Dock of the Bay


Take the hits boys take the hits
don't smoke your Bible
and don't lose your wits
'cause the sky is filled with shrapnel
And your eyes are filled with tears
Hold your breath boys, hold your breath
finger your trigger and welcome death
'cause the choppers' filled with your gutshot friends
and your hearts are filled with fear

the fables tell of men who fell
with swords dangling from their chests
and the old guys down at the taproom swear
the Japs could kill you best
but late at night I could still hear the cries
of 3 black guys I seen take it in the face
I think about them sweet Motown girls they left behind
and the assholes that took their place