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Head On
By Dave and Serge Bielanko
From Marah's "Let's Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later Tonight"
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(C)What kind of end of the line dark horse
Runnin' me (G)down from behind
Saw me celebrating at the (F)finishing line
Put me in second (G) place?
Now I'm watchin' him on victory line
Lookin' at his eyes for the very first time
And something about 'im reminds me of mine
Beaten at my own game
Oooh now I can't go home
So I lap the vacant speedway at a pace of my own
The checkered flag's been folded and the fans have 
All gone
Just me and my mistake
Well I'm a delicate dish sadly fallen victim
To the tablecloth trick
And out from underneath me the bottom went quick
I'll have another day
So gen 'em up you Dick Trickle!