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Mansuns Only Love Song Chords

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From: "Seb Perry" 
Subject: m/mansun/mansuns_only_love_song.crd
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 05:39:17 PDT

"Mansun's Only Love Song"
from the LP "Attack of the Grey Lantern"
written by Paul Draper
transcr. by Seb Perry (

Bm D Bm D
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Bm		D		A			   G
If i start this small debate the centre of the universe is up for sale
And if my melody should fall, the tune is unimportant as I've said
G			   E	    G
Or should i say it was the words? I should...

B(Major)        G#m
Standing in grey lantern light,
Mavis looking sexy through her dress it shines
Hiding in the vestry she recites her lines

(she says)

Bm		  G	      E
I can't see you, I love you, I miss you
I can't see you, I love you, I do

If i think you're watching me, i control the actions of this destiny
and if my sentiments ring true, feel him in the mirror laughing back at
if i could tell you how it seems, i would


the rest is all repeated
i still haven't done the lead bits,
so email me with suggestions/corrections