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No Surface All Feeling Tab

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Date Monday August 15th
Manic Street Preachers - No Surface All Feeling
Tabbed by Custy -

Couldn't find a tab for the intro for this anywhere on the net so i decided to 
transcribe it myself. Pretty simple stuff, but only really sounds good with 2 guitars and of course a bass. Enjoy :)...

E 	- 022100
F#m 	- 244222
Am	- 577555
G#maddb6- x66400
F#m11	- x44200
Asus2	- x02200
E5	- 02xxxx
G#m	- x6640x

b = bend
P = pulloff
h = hammeron

In the intro and chorus the #1 means you play that the first time round repeat to beggining and replace
#1 for #2
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-Intro- (High Distortion) 
  E                                                                       F#m

                                          #1                                    #2