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Let Robseon Sing Chords

  D                A
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D             A                 D          A
where are you now broken up or still around
    F#m                     G
The CIA says you’re a guilty man
                             D    A
will we see the likes of you again
     D                        A                         D         A
can anyone make a difference anymore can anyone write a protest song
       F#m           G                        D    A  A
pinky, lefty revolutionary Burnt at the stake for?

G          A        D         Em
A voice so pure, a vision so clear
  F#m                      G
I gotta learn to live like you
Learn to sing like you, ooohh!

Went to cuba to meet castro
Never got past sleepy Moscow
A giant man with a heavenly voice
MK ultra turns you paranoid

No passport till 1958
Mcartney poisoned through with hate
Liberty lost still burned today
Beneath the lie of the USA