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////FASTER//// - Written by the Manic Street Preachers
                        tabbed by Karim Adab

Music - James Dean Bradfield/Sean Moore/Nicky Wire
Lyrics - Richey James

Faster; track 9, The Holy Bible


    E     E
D   = x00232
G#5 = 466xxx
F#5 = 244xxx
E5  = 022xxx
G#  =  x/11/13/13/x/x
F#  =  x/9/11/11/x/x
E*  = x799xx
E   = 0221000
D   = x577xx
C#  =  x466xx
B   =  x244xx
Em11 = x/x/x12/12/12 in 3 rapid bursts after the chorus


The intro is something like :


The verse is a continuous riff over an A chord in the background.

Play the D# on the A string 6th fret    }    Both palm muted by picking hand
 Followed by the A string open          }

in this rythmn :

Riff 1
E-|-----------|---------------|-----------|---------------5-6-7-0*--|   *<------ this occurs at the end of each lyric line

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Riff 1                                    *
I am an architect, they call me a butcher
Riff 1                                  *
I am an pioneer, they call me primative
Riff 1                              *
I am purity, they call me perverted
Riff 1                                                                                   
Holding you but I only miss these things when they leave


I am idiot drug hive, the virgin the 

G#5      F#5     E5     G#5  F#5  E5
tattered and the torn
Life is for the cold made warm 

                  G#5     F#5  E5  G#5  F#5  E5
and they are just lizards 

D                                              E
I've been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else


Is a version of A, played in the following phrase, with the strings held 
permentantly on fret 9 and 10 and hammering on/off on 11 with 3rd and little
fingers. Listen to the record for the rythmn :

Riff 2

(repeat to rythmn)

Riff 2                              G#5*    F#5*
I am stronger than Mensa,  Miller and Mail  - er     

  E*   D    C#     B          E  
I spat out  Plath  and  Pinter

Riff 2
I am all the things that you regret

               G#     F#  E*   D       C#     B      Em11
The truth that wash -  es that learned how to spell

(The run of 5 chords above can also be played just on the one string; it's not entirely clear from the record but this is how it's reproduced live).

Karim Adab