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Cardiff Afterlife Chords

Intro - guitar riff is...
G2(A), B1(C), G0(G), B1(C), D3(F), B1(C), D2(E), A3(C), A2(B), A0(A)

Am / Fmaj7 / G / Em / Fmaj7  / Dm7 / Bm then dropdown (E E, D D, C C, B B)
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       Am               Fmaj7         G      Em
If the love between us    has faded away
     Fmaj7    Dm7                   Bm      (E E, D D, C C, B B)
Left in the rain, scratching at the stains
       Am           Fmaj7               G       Em
The paralysed future, the past sideways scrawl
            Fmaj7       Dm7                        Bm
I must give up on this,       it makes no sense at all
Makes no sense at all

In the Cardiff afterlife,
In the Cardiff afterlife
We sense the breaking of our lives
In the Cardiff afterlife
               Play opening guitar riff again...
In the Cardiff afterlife

...and its basically the same pattern all the way through.

A truly beautiful song about the disappearance of Richey James Edwards.