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Autumnsong Tab

This is a catchy new song from the forthcoming album "Send Away the Tigers"...

Track 07, "Send Away the Tigers" (2007)
Tabbed by Hristomir Stanev,

Intro riff:

A-----------------------------------------|  X 4

Guitar 2 plays D and Gmaj7/D (xx0032) chords over the riff


D                    F#m
Now baby what you've done to your hair

G                    D   Gmaj7/D   D  Asus2  Bm
Is it just the same time of year

Bm          Bm7                E7
when you think that you don't really care,
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             D                         A
now, baby, what have you done to your hair?

 A7           A      A7         A      A7
Done to your hair, done to your hair...


D                      Em
So when you hear this autumnsong

F#m                        G              G  F#m  D
put your head up and get ready to run

D                     Em
So when you hear this autumnsong

F#m                           G
remember that these times are yet to come...

Play intro riff, verse, and chorus again, after which
comes the transition part, beginning with:

A                    Bm
So wear your hair in bunches...

A          Bm             Bm  A  G
and wear your jacket down

G   F#m     G Em   A  A7
...............(unclear lyrics)