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Bang Bang Chords

Couplet 1

Bb		C	
So black, it's a desperate night
     Eb		        Bb	
20 years back from today
Bb		   C
One mother and a kid name Tony
	 Eb                  Bb
Learning life the hardest way, and I say...

Bb  C   Eb                          Bb
            Daddy has gone too soon
Bb  C   Eb                                Bb
            For the young boy to stay cool

Couplet 2

Bb            C
Well, Tony rules in the schoolyard
Eb             Bb
Everybody says
Bb                          C
Blue eyes clentched fists and many reasons
      Eb                 Bb
For Tony to go astray

Bb  C      Eb                    Bb
Ah ah: at night he likes to roam
Bb  C              Eb              Bb
Ah ah: he's the only man at home


Bb  C  Eb  Bb
Bb  F  Gm  Eb  x3
La la la la la...

Couplet 3

Bb             C
His heart is big like a mansion
           Eb                  Bb
That is all you need to know
Bb                             C
The Young boy has become a young man
           Eb                          Bb
But the rage didn't cease to grow
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Petit pont :
Gm              F                               Bb
Hey boy the path you are taking will lead you straight to the wall
Gm               F                                     Bb
Hey boy you're looking for troubles, I'm a policeman after all
                      Eb          F
And you wont get away
C                                                   Eb         F
  Bang bang i've got you on sight my friend     Ohohoh...



Cm  Am           Gm
Ah   ah: mister officer you were right
Cm  Am        Gm
Ah   ah: little Tony boy turn out bad
Cm  Am              Gm
Ah   ah: he's was taught life's a fight
C#m                                                Cm     (Arpège)
   Bang bang they shot him down he's dead

Couplet 4

Bb                  C                                 Eb                Bb
I know that's a real a shame but this is how the story ends
Bb                 C                               Eb                    Bb
It's a beautiful world we do live in so his fate is in your hands,  And I say

Gm  D            Bb  
Ah   ah: press 1 if you want him out
Gm  D            Eb                         F
Ah   ah: press 2 and his back again

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