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Crush Chords

Mandy Moore, Crush.
 Tabbed by Laura,
Standard tuning, I play it with open chords.

G: 320003
Gsus: 320002
D: XX0232
Dsus: XX0233
C: X32010
Em: 022000

Verse 1: 
G-Gsus     D-Dsus 
You know everything that I'm afraid of
G-Gsus        C
You do everything I wish I did
Everybody wants you, everybody loves you
G-Gsus    D-Dsus
I know I should tell you how I feel
G-Gsus     D-Dsus
I wish everyone would disappear
Every time time you call me, I'm too scared to be me
And I'm too shy to say
[ Tab from: ]
I've got a crush on you
I hope you feel the way that I do
I get a rush when I'm with you
Ooh, I've got a crush on you
A crush on you

Verse 2: Repeat chords from verse 1

You know, I'm the one that you can talk to
And sometimes you tell me thing that i don't want 
to know
I just want to hold you
And you say exactly how you feel about her
And I wonder, could you ever think of me that way

Repeat Chorus

Ooh, I wish i could tell somebody
But there's no one to talk to, nobody knows
I've got a crush on you

Verse 3: same verse chords
You say everything that no one says
But I feel everything that you're afraid to feel
I will always want you, I will always love you

Repeat Chorus 
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