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Deer Chords

My first tab is more like a fix for the other ones. you don't need turning or 
capos for this song just STANDARD TUNING. no capo btw.

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A                            D
Half a year and here you are again
A                         E
I'd go out in public if nobody ever asked
A                               D                             A        E
I sit home and drink alone and hope that bottle speaks, like you, like us,
like me
A                             D
Half a year again, now it's a whole
A                    E
February stationery from you on the wall
A                                       D                             E
And I sit home and plead the throne to speak to speak to me to me, to me, 
        D            A
Hasn't said a single thing
A                                  D
You're probably too busy with your work
A                             E
Or am I just excusing you for leaving me alone
A                                           D
There' s nothing in these wooden drawers to bring you back or to keep me bored
A                    E       D     A
I don't know what to do with me no more
F#m   E          D           A
Dear everyone I ever really knew
F#m      E                  D               A
I acted like an asshole so I could keep my edge on you
F#m       E       D             A
Ended up abusing even those I thought immune
   D                 A                 E                A
I killed the kingdom with one move and now it's time to move
A    D                  A        
Dear everybody that has paid to see my band, 
A            D             E       
It's still confusing, I'll never understand
A               D             A
I acted like an asshole so my albums would never burn
F#m                   E             D     A
I'm hungry now, and the scraps are dirty dirt
F#m                  E        D     A
I'm hungry now the scraps of dirty dirt

to be honest I just copied cherterich's chord tranposed up 2. thank you cherterich 
and the GT community.