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Brooklyn Tab

My first Tab so don't yell at me for getting it wrong!

Guitar tuned down one half step to: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

(G) The last car on the (C) line
(G) Guess you’re back doing (C) time
(G) The ghost of Christmas (C) past
(G) Left Walt Whitman in the (C) trash

(C) You started out with (G) nothing but (Bm) lonely (C) days
(C) You used to like the (G) sad songs of (Bm) doom and (C) gloom
(C) You started out with (G) nothing but (Bm) throwa - (C) -ways
(C) You couldn’t live with (G) me so you (Bm) moved (C) to Brooklyn

(G) (Bm) (C) (D) (G) (Bm) (C)
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(G) Artificial (C) desserts
(G) Some have cars some have (C) kids
(G) Hit the Pathmark after (C) work
(G) Some never been past the (C) bridge


(G) (Bm) (C) (D) (G) (Bm) (C) (D)
(Em) (G) (Em) (G)

I (Em) sometimes lie (G) awake till (D) sunrise
(Em) Wondering how we (G) become what we (C) despise

(G) (C) x 4

(G) No more couches to (C) surf
(G) Only beaches in your (C) dreams
(G) No more trannies near (C) work
(G) Still a drag walking in (C) Queens
(G) It’s all blood money in the (C) bank
(G) Somehow some people find the (C) nerve
(G) Like the soldiers they (C) thank down in DC
(G) If I could only find the (C) words