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Runaway World Chords

CAPO 2nd Fret 
By Making April
Song:Runaway World 
Album Runaway World

Tabbed By Zach Rodak

I did this by ear this isnt exactly what he plays but its the same notes nd basic 
chords its just an idea and it sounds descent and way better than the other tab.


        Picking Pattern for Verses 


I've heard all the talk

yeah this road's no good for you        F

a line of bleeding hearts behind her throne          C

and she flaunts them like she's claimed them as her own

she's built her castle through the sky
but there's a part of me she won't defy

I've built my guard up just as high
and she's breaking through this
the wall's on fire
C                   G
here's my heart for you
have you been rendered breathless
will you fall off
            C                         G
or will you follow and invade my runaway world
I must be honest

it hasn't been this way in years
and I never thought I'd let this come
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they're telling me your love is faithless
but this is the way out
I'm finally feeling somewhat free and I'm afraid

free and I'm afraid

that she's... chorus
Am                      G
we can catch this by the tail in time
         C                F
as the ship sets sail we're all in flight
Am                           G
and we'll barrel past these stars tonight
              C                  F
and they're slowing down they're slowing down
       Am             G
I can barely see the flames
as we're slowing down 
F                         Am
can you ask this world to wait around
just one more round

Repeat 2x for strings solo ( C to F same thing as verses)

yeah she's... chorus
       C             F   Am   G
my runawaaaay yeah eah whoa ohhh
       C             F
my runawaaaay my runaway
Am                                           G
let this carry on just get me through these nights and days of this world
F           Am          G        C
oh will you follow and invade my runaway world
F                   Am                G               C
would you watch me fade away or be my getaway in this runaway world