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I Think I Need A New Heart Tab

*To play along with the CD, tune a little sharp, but it sounds fine in standard tuning 
you're playing by yourself.


Em    C      G
Time stands still
           D          Em    C        G
All I can feel is the time standing still
       D            Am
As you put down the keys
         C     G       D
And say don't call me please
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As the radio plays

                     G    C    G   D
I think I need a new hea-------rt, oh
                     G    C    G
I think I need a new hea-------rt, oh

To intro, verse, chorus, then

         C             G
Cause I always say "I love you"
       D                  G
When I mean turn out the light
       C              G
And I say "let's run away"
        D             G
When I just mean stay tonight
         C                G
But the words you want to hear
               D         G              C
You will never hear from me, I'll never say
  G                   D
"Happy anniversary"
      C              G                 D
Never stay to say, "Happy anniversary"

To chorus, intro, out on G