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California Girls Chords

California Girls
The Magnetic Fields

  tabbed by benjamin allen (
  just a rough busking version of a fantastic song,
  long live the magnetic fields

  Intro:  B      Ab       E,     F#         B    with this riff:
  b------     0-2-4-4-5       5-4-2-0-0
  g------                3-4

  B               F#         B
  See them on the big bright screen
  B       E          F#
  tan and blonde and seventeen
  B               F#         B
  eating non-food keeps them mean
              E              F#
  but they're young forever

  if they must grow up
             Ab        E
  they marry dukes and earls
             F#      B
  I hate California girls

  B                        F#     B
  They ain't broke so they put on airs
           E            F#         
  the faux folks sans derrieres
  B                          F#     B
  they breathe coke and they have affairs
            E                  F#
  with each passing rock star
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  they come on like squares
           Ab         E
  then get off like squirrels
             F#     B
  I hate California girls

  B                Ab            E               F#   B      
 (with riff)
  then Bridge:
  G                  A
  Looking down their perfect noses
  F#m          G
  at me and my kind
  G                A
  do they think we won't-
  well nevermind
  G                      A
  laughing through their perfect teeth
     F#m        G
  at everyone I know
  G                A
  do they think we won't 
  get up and go
  B                 F#      B
  I have planned my grand attacks
         E       F#
  I will stand behind their backs
  B                 F#      B
  with my brand-new battle-axe
            E          F#
  then will they taste my wrath?

  They will hear me say
         Ab       E
  as the pavement whirls
              F#     B
  "I hate California girls.."