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Permafrost Chords

Standard Tuning

(chords used : C Em E G# D G )


C  Em  (x 2)

(the melody line can be added while playing the chords, it goes something like this:

  (C)                (Em)

E                   G#
Thunder shook loose hail

on the outhouse again

E                   G#         D
today I bumped into you again
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  E                     G#        D
I have no idea what you want

E                            G#             D
...but there was something I meant to say

...As the day stops dead
G                        D the place where we're lost
...I will drug you and fuck you
G              Em
...on the permafrost

There's not much that I miss
I'm far too forgetful for that
sugar's sweet some of the time
it's hard to keep some things in mind

As the day stops dead ...

(repeat this structure, add intro again later when it comes back in.)

NOTE: when you play the first E chord of the verses you can add this in while strumming 
the chord, to replicate the bass to a small extent: