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Lament Chords

Publicidade     Gm         Cm                 Gm 
The choice was mine, and mine completely 
           Eb      F            Cm 
I could've had any prize that I desired 
           Gm             Cm              Gm        C# 
I could've burnt with the splendor of the brightest fire 
   Eb       F#                  Gm 
Or else, or else I could choose time 
  Gm   Cm            Gm 
Remember I was very young then 
       Eb         F          Cm 
And a year was forever and a day 
        Gm        Cm            Gm      C# 
So what use could fifty, sixty, seventy be? 
  Eb                  F#          Gm 
I saw the lights, and I was on my way 
And how I lived, how they shone 
         Eb        F#         Gm 
But how soon the lights were gone. 
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