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Shut Up Chords

tell you i didn't do it
coz i wasn't there
D            Dm
Don't blame me it just isn't fair
D                         G  
You've listen to there side now listen to mind
Can't think of a story
Sure you'll find me some time
G                  D               A
 Pass the Blame and don't blame me
G               D                       A
 Just close your eyes and count to three
G           D                      A
 and i'll be gone and you'll forget
G                D
The broken window t.v set

Dont' balme me either
I'm just his mate
D                        Dm
Told me to stand here and watch the gate
D                  G
I've got a wife and three kids you know
They'll tell you i'm straight
At least i think so
D               G
I'm as honest as the day is long
D                           Dm
The longer the day light the less i do wrong

Chorus then for the solo play 1 X verse 1 X Chorus

then 2 x chorus

By billy sullivan(aged10) vote well
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