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Driving In My Car Chords

Madness , Driving in my car
Mike McConnell
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Driving in my car 
By Madness 
Words and Music By Michael Barson
Tabbed by Mike McConnell

D 		Am 		     D  		 Am
Ive Been Driving In My car
It's not quite A Jaguar
I Brought it in Primrose Hill
From a Bloke From Brazil

G 		F 		F
It was made in fifty nine
G		A(aug)		
In a factory by the tyne
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D		Am		D		Am
It says Morris on the door  the Gpo owned it before
I drive in it for my job        the guvonor calls me a slob

G				F
But i don't really care 

D		Am 		D		Am 
Give me some gas to the open air

Am		D		Am		D
It's a bit old but it's mine , i mend it in my spare time
Just last week i changed the oil , Rocker valves and the coil
G				F
Just last week i changed the oil

Last week it went round the clock   ,
I also had a little knock
I dented somebodys Fender
He learnt not to park on a bender  HaHaHa

Then go round again with different words .