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Cardiac Arrest Chords

...CARDIAC ARREST... by Madness

*from 'Seven' (1981)*


Am  G  F  F/E, Dm  E  Am

Verse 1:

Am      Em     F
 Papers in the morning,
F       Em     Am
 Bowler hat on head.
Am       Em     F
 Walking to the bus stop,
     F       Em      Am
He's longing for his bed.

Am       Em       F
 Waiting with his neighbours,
F       Em        Am
 In the rush hour queue.
Am      Em      F
 Got to get the first bus;
   F        Em     Am
So much for him to do.

Bridge 1:

Em           G
 He's got to hurry
F#m             A
 Got to get his seat
Em              G
 Can't miss his place
F#m              A
 Got to rest his feet.

Verse 2:

Am        Em
 Ten more minutes,
'Till he gets there;
    F           Em     Am
The crossword's nearly done.
Am         Em      F
 It's been so hard these days,
    F      Em      Am
Not nearly so much fun.

    Am           Em     F
His mind wanders to the office,
    F          Em       Am
His telephone, desk and chair.
Am         Em             F
 He's been happy with the company;
        F       Em       Am
They've treated him real fair.

Bridge 2:

Em              G
 Think of seven letters,
   F#m             A
Be-gin and end in 'C'.
Em            G
 Like a big A-merican car,
    F#m              A
But misspelt with a 'D'.


G            Bb
 I wish this bus'd get a move on,
 Driver's taking his time.
G                   Bb
 I just don't know, I'll be late,
Oh dear what will the boss say?
 Pull yourself together now,
Don't get in a state.

Chorus 1:

Am         Dm
 Don't you worry,
G           C
 There's no hurry.
Am             Dm
 It's a lovely day,
G                        C
 Could all be going your way.
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Am                 Dm
 Take the doc's ad-vice,
G                  C
 Let up enjoy your life.
Am                   Dm
 Listen to what they say;
G                     C    B  Gdim
 It's not a game they play.


Am  G  F  F/E, Dm  E  Am

Verse 3:

Am         Em       F
 Never get there at this rate;
     F         Em   Am
He's caught up in a jam.
Am         Em           F
 There's a meeting this morning,
     F        Em      Am
It's just his luck oh damn!

    Am         Em     F
His hand dives in his pocket,
F        Em      Am
 For his handker-chief.
Am         Em           F
 Pearls of sweat on his collar,
    F          Em       Am
His pulse-beat seems so brief.

Bridge 3:

Em                G
 Eyes fall on his wristwatch,
    F#m               A
The seconds pass real slow.
Em               G
 Gasping for the hot air,
        F#m                 A
But the chest pain it won't go.


G                 Bb
 Tried to ask for help,
But can't seem to speak a word.
G                    Bb
 Words are whispered frantically,
But don't seem to be heard.
 What about the wife and kids?
They all depend on me!

Chorus 2:

Am        Dm
 We're so sorry,
   G               C
We told you not to hurry.
Am                 Dm
 Now it's just too late,
G                     C
 You've got a certain date.

   Am                 Dm
We thought we made it clear?
   G                    C
We all voiced our inner fears.
   Am            Dm
We left it up to you;
G                       C   B  Gdim
 There's nothing we can do.


   Am      G       F       F/E     Dm      E       Em

 x02210  320003  133211  xx2010  xx0231  022100  022000

   F#m     A       Bb      Am7     C       B      Gdim

 244222  x02220  x13331  x02013  x32010  x24442  xx2323

Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2004