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Weary Blues From Watin Chords

Here are the cords for the M.Peyroux version of the old Hank Williams Sr. tune,

Its not prefect but its basics of the song... enjoy

Gale Runner,

Weary blues from waitin

Eblues = 021201
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The [Am] snow falls [Dm] 'round my [Am] window
But [Am] it can't chill my [E] heart
Lord[Am] knows it [Dm]died the [Am] day you [Dm]left
My dream [Am]world [E] fell a-[Am] part.[E]

Weary [Am] blu-ue-ue [Dm] ues from [Am] waitin'
Lord, I've been [Eblues] waitin' too [E] long
These [Am] blues have [Dm] got me [Am] cryin'
Oh, sweet ma-a-ma, [E] please come [Am] home. [E]

Thru tears I watch young lovers
As they go strollin' by
Oh, all the things that might have been
God forgive me if I cry.