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I Dont Know Anything Tab

Tabber - wilson6907
Artist - Mad Season
Song - I don't know anything

Well guys in my opinion if you can't play this song you suck because its so easy. Seems 
one can get it right either I know its right because I watched Layne play it on some 
I have.

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Intro and Verse Riffs
E-----------------------------| E----------------------------------|
B-----------------------------| B----------------------------------|
G-----------------------------| G----------------------------------|
D-----------------------------| D--------------------------*5----*5|
A--2--2------2------2---------| A--2--2------2----------*5----*5---|
E--0--0--*4--0--*4--0--2b-----| E--0--0--*4--0--*4---*5------------|

* (natural harmonics) for you noobs its a really good beginner song natuaral harmonics 
where you lightly place your finger on the string and pick the note

Chorus Riff

yeah i'm working on that guitar solo I might put it out here if I feel like tabbing it.. 
McCready is really hard to tab sometimes..