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Walk Away Tab []

Artist/Author: Mad at Gravity
Title: Walk Away
Album : Resonance
Tuning: Standard 
Transcribed by: Gerard Massey
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Hey everyone... i saw a lot of MAG tabs of walk away and saw that many
of them sounded wrong. thought i'd put out this tab... tell me wut
ya think. i think this sounds correct compared to starting the song
with the E5 chord... also i think it's in standard tuning... i tried
tabbing this off of the acoustic version. it's much easier to tab off
an acoustic version rather than electric :P. this is my first tab
btw. i didn't really want to bother writing the rhythms... i think you
can get it. email me if you think anythings wrong so i can correct it.

e  -------------------------------------------------------------------
B  -------------------------------------------------------------------
G  3-----5----10-----8-----13-----7-----6----10-----------------------
D  3-----5----10-----8-----13-----7-----6----10-----8-----6-----8-----
A  1-----3-----8-----6-----11-----5-----4-----8-----8-----6-----8-----
E  1-----3-----8-----6-----11-----5-----4-----8-----6-----4-----6-----

Verse (I think this is the palm muted part):