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Still Chords

I'm not 100% sure about this. The song is played on piano and this was as close as I could get it. Any additions would be great.

written by Macy Gray and others
"figured out" by Philip Manavi and Austin Lawhead

here's the chords (I don't know the names to some of these so you'll have to go by mine)

B                     Bb/B               Ab
x                         x                    x
x                         x                    4
8                         8                   4
9                         9                   6
9                         9                   6
7                         6                   4

sorry for any lyric errors:


B                                      Bb/B
In my last years with him there were bruises on my face
           Ab                    E
and in my dawn and new day I finally got away
B                                  Bb/B
now my heads all messed up and he knows just what to say
         Ab                      E
no more dawn and new days, I'm going back to stay
      F#    G#          E
so   why   say   bye   bye
        F#       G#      E
when it only   makes me cry

[ Tab from: ]
      B                     Bb/B                   Ab               E
and I still light up like a candle burning when he calls me up
   B                      Bb/B                 Ab                   E
I still mealt down like a candle burning every time we touch
                F#          G#                    E
oh say what you will, he does me wrong and I should be gone
          B (let fade or stop)
but I'll still be loving you baby and it's much too much

we are going down cause you're always getting high
and your crumbs of loving no longer get me by
but wow! it gets better every time that we get high
and then your crums of loving, they somehow get me by
so why say bye bye
when it only makes me cry


F#      G#                      E
can I go my severed way

F#          G#                    E
some rain for my sunny day
F#     G#               E
not even one reason to stay

Why? said I souldn't have left 'ya
Why? now I can't forget you
Ab                                                        E
Why? ever since I've met you it's ohohohooh I still

instrumental (VERSE CHORDS)


end on "I'll still be loving you baby and it's much too much"