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Smiling Face Chords

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: 25  2000 . 1:35

M2M- smiling face.
 Tabbed by Gerardo Robles Rivera, gera-robles@x-mail.com.
Artist: M2M
Track: Smiling face
Album: Shades of purple
Transcription: Gerardo Robles R.
E-Mail: gera104@hotmail.com

M2M: "Smiling Face"
Marion Raven, Marit Larsen and Matt Rowe

* Intro:

  B|-7--5----7--5---7--5-| x2
  then:  A  G  D

* Verse:  A G D, C D C 

* Chorus: A  G , Am  D


  	  (standing in the rain)


	A                                G                                 D           A     
	  Sitting on the bus, Looking through the window and I close my eyes
	G                              D                        C
	  See the shade of your smiling face, your smiling face
	                  D                                                   C
	  When you walk in through the door, a smiling face 
	  Like I never seen before

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	  A        C    G       D
	  Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh
	  A       C      G     D
	  Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh

	A                                   G                          D                     A
	  Standing in the rain, Nearly washed the day away, then I think of you
	   G                            D                            C                       
	  I know the sigh of your smiling face, your smiling face
	             D                                          C
	  And its always here with me, smiling face
	  Well I wonder, could it be?


	  A       G           A                      G
	  I still know that I never gonna find you
	   A                    G           A                          G
	  But I do believe that youre standing right behind
	     A             G         A                  G   
	  Will I ever get the answer to my question
	  Am             D
	  Life will go on

   G   A   D   C   Am

Transcription: Gerardo Robles R.
Monterrey, Nuevo Len, Mxico
"Orgullosamente regio"
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