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Taxi Driver Tab

Artist: Stephen Lynch
Song: “Taxi Driver”
Song Performed: June 2000
Song Tabbed: November 20th, 2003.
Tabbed by: acoustical_guitar

This is a hilarious, funny, catchy song that is fun to play.  It’s
one of Stephen Lynch’s best.  The song is similar to a Harry Chapin 
song.  This is the way that he plays it on his 2002 album "Superhero"
and his 2000 “Comedy Central Presents” Special.
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  D      Am    D      Am    D     Am    D      Am
e:--2-2---------2-2--------- 2-2----------2-2-------|

I flagged him down at the corner, and he picked me up at the light.
I told him where I was going, and we drove off into the night.
“How's it going, my friend?” I asked him, and slowly he turned his 
The taxi driver looked at me, and this is what he said, he said:
(Stephen Lynch then babbles on in Middle Eastern-sounding nonsense).

D Chord		Am Chord
|XXO   |	|X0  10|
|XX02 2|	|X022 0|
|XX0 3 |	|X0   0|
|XX0   |	|X0   0|
|XX0   |	|X0   0|
|XX0   |	|X0   0|

Rock on!