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Special Tab

by Stephen Lynch

---I have seen him live and i have the album "a little bit special" 
and he is hysterical...anyway here is the song (or as close as i can get)

Standard tuneing
4/4 Time
Capo 2nd fret

G   C
/ / / /  (4 times)

(Intro chords)
When I was a boy of ten. I had a very best friend.
Ed was kinda, with good intent,                              
  A             D  
but just a little diffreent.

G  C  A  D 
Special Ed, momma dropped him on his head.
Now hes not so bright instead, 
(intro chords)
hes a little bit special. Just a little bit special.

Verse 2:
(Intro chords)
We play tag, and hed get hurt, i'd play soldier and he'd eat dirt.
I liked math and a spelling be.  
A                     D
ed liked talking to a tree ohh

Special Ed, momma dropped him on his head.
Now she keeps him in the shed, 
(intro chords)
cause hes a little bit special Just a little bit special...

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Verse 3:
(Intro chords)
I ran track, hung out in malls, ed ran head first into walls.
I had girls and lots of clothes, 
A                        D
ed had names for all his toes ohhh

Special Ed, momma dropped him on his head.
Now he thinks hes a piece of bread,
(Intro chords)
Cause hes a little bit special...just a little bit....

B C D, B C G, B C D, B C ---
(bare cords and repeat)
One day talking to special ed, 
He grabbed a brick and he swung at my head,
and as he laughed at me that's when i knew:
                         (intro chords)
Special ed just made me special too....

Verse 4:
(Intro chords)
Now i laugh as i count bugs,
I give strangers great big hugs, 
next to me ed is fine yeah 
A          D
he's a f'n einstein...

G  C  A  D
Special ed and me, now were not right in the head you see,

Now were not so bright instead....

(Intro chords)
were a little bit special

just a little bit special

that f'er ed made me special
just a little bit.........

(no chords)
Just a little bit SPECIAL.