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Jim Hensons Dead Tab

Jim Henson's Dead by Stephen Lynch

tabbed by Doug McPherson

G            D     C
Pokemons are silly things
G              D      C
Barney's just a purple Haze 
G                     C                 D
and the Power Rangers lost their will to fight
G                D     C
but Pigs in Space rule the sky
G                   D       C
and Oscar's still a grouchy guy
G                   C       D
and Animal is looking dynamite
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  C             D
Oh Jim Henson's dead and gone
C               D
but his muppets will live on 
C            D          Am                             D      
and Kermit's still hot 'cause it's still not easy being green

Bert is mad 'cause Ernie can't hear 
with a banana in his ear
They need to learn to cooperate
The count is counting 1-2-3
and no one laughs at poor Fozzie
and Scooter's pissed 'cause Rowlf is always late


Miss Piggy's just a big slab of pork 
for the Swedish Chef who says "mmmm bork bork bork"
and Cookie Monster wants another bite
Big Bird well he just can't see
why the two old guys in the balcony
think Snuffalupagus is out of sight

Chorus 2X