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San Antonio Girl Chords

Chords relative to capo:
C9 - X32333
G6 - 32333X
D9 - X54555

Capo 2
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                C                     G
She brought her boyfriend, all 6 foot 7
             D                           G
She sent him where they parked to go and get the car
             C                        G
She stayed behind there, she stood in line there
            D                                G
She got something to drink and then she told me her name
             C                   G   
She said the Alamo was someplace we could go
          D                      G
Or to the Hemisphere to ride the needle there
              C                                G
All along the Riverwalk, well, all she did was talk
          D                         G
And all I did was think things are about to change

            C                  G
San Antonio girl, she makes me crazy
            C                       D
San Antonio girl, she’s the one for me
                  C                           G
She ain’t exactly wild but she’s a little bit pretty
                     C      D           G
She’s the whole wide world, San Antonio girl

We watched that Mi Tierra's jevos rancheros, walk in San Marcos
Then we went over and ate some supper
Drove to Helotes, Floores Country Store is
Out highway 16, we heard old Robert Keen



Well, it was late by then, we should have turned in
But she was hungry and I was interested
In Mi Tierra's Juevos Rancheros
We took some Polaroid’s right at the table