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Subject: Baltimore by Lyle Lovett
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I've figured out some stuff, but most of it just doesn't sound
right if you don't have the whole band sound going...  But
"Baltimore" is an easy tune  and I can tell the chord progressions
by memory, so I'll send it along:

  by Lyle Lovett

  G         D               Em
I know I've seen this place before
     G         D       Em
Lord can't you hear me screaming
G     D        Em
As a young man long ago
     A       G    Em
When I was twenty-one

It repeats that progression through the rest of the verses, and
with the recording I'm sure you'll have no trouble figuring out the


P.S.  Incidently, while we're talking about Lyle-- if anyone else
has something to contribute, it would be appreciated.