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Every Year Every Christmas Chords

                 "Every Year, Every Christmas" - Luther Vandross
Chords by: Christopher Jordan

Tuning: Standard

I was looking for the tablature for the song "Every Year, Every Christmas", but it seems
nobody found them/posted them on this site. This is my first tab and I hope it's a
little bit accurate, and even if it's not, you can definitly use these chords to sing 
along with. I'll let you guys be the judge.

Verse 1:

A                F#m
I don't know how love
Dmaj7            E
could do this to me
A                F#m
I've waited and waited for some
Dmaj7       E
one I never seen


F#sus       C#                  F#m
But I'm so sentimental and I'm so hopeful you'll be here
D                  E           A
So here I am every year, every Christmas

Verse 2:

A               F#m
I've wished for you in my
Dmaj7           E
heart and in my head
A            F#m
And I got my answer that first
Dmaj7          E
moment that we met

[ Tab from: ]
F#sus                   C#m             F#m
And, oh yes, I believed you as you told me, as you said
D                   E           A
You'd be here every year, every Christmas


Dmaj7                  [ch]Dmin7[/ch]
There must be a lesson for me to learn
A                                      [ch]C#min7[/ch]
If you don't trust in love, you'll get nothing in return
Dmaj7                   [ch]Dmin7[/ch]
Why should I be lonely? Don't tell me it's fine
B                           D               E
I have my pride, but I'd rather be with you tonight

Just repeat the chords of verse 2 + chorus + the bridge and an extra verse + chorus

So much emotion, it's driving me mad (yeah, yeah)
But I'll take my chances with these feelings that I have
And I'll come back to this same corner where we met
And I'll be here every year, every Christmas

Mere words can't explain the pain and the fear
'Cause I wonder, yes I wonder are you gonna leave me standing here?
Today's almost over but I don't wanna leave
Has my heart made a fool out of me? (ohhh)

My friends gather 'round me with holiday cheer (yeah)
They say to forget you, to let you go 'cause you're not here
Well, I can't keep explaining what they'll never understand
And why I'm here every year, every Christmas
I return every year, every Christmas
I come here every year, every Christmas