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Kiss Chase Chords

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From: I dream of genelee 

"Kiss Chase""


Am       C              G
Tiny children on their own
Dm              Am
they learn so fast
C                   G 
How to make new friends,
how to play their new games

C             F          G    
I remember a man he had shiny hair
C              F                G 
Always hanging around when you went away 

Am       C
Little eight year old,
G          Dm
she knows too many secrets
Am        C              G 
Much too young to understand
what it means 

C             F             G
I remember a woman with silver hair
C                       F          Dm         G 
And the smell and the taste of the bed we shared 
[ Tab from: ]
Am               E
And that's how I behaved
        F             G 
Every time that you went away
    Am                E                
And now, though I'm older nothing's 
F                          G
changed (playing the same games) 

       Am         E
And I knew every day
        F                  G  
Came a chance that you'd leave me
      Am           E                  F       G        
So I found what I could to take your place 

Am        G
Told me not to cry 
Am            C
Said that I'd survive
Dm            G 
As he waved goodbye 

Am      G
And I want to try
Am       C 
Not to make you cry
Dm          Em 
Want us to survive
Dm    G       
Never say goodbye

(same as above, end on Am)
But that's how I behave 
when you go away 
Because though I'm older nothing's changed (playing the same games) 

And I know every day 
There's a chance that you'll leave me 
So I find what I can to take your place 


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