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Bad Timing Tab

                             BAD TIMING - Lunik
Tabbed by: käspi

Tuning: Standard, Capo 1

Picking Patterns:
   Am                  Em
e|------------------- ------------------|
B|-----1---1--------- -----0---0--------|
G|-----------2---2p0- -----------0---0--|
D|---2---2-----2----- ---2---2-----2----|
A|-0----------------- ------------------|
E|------------------- -0----------------|

   C                  G
e|------------------ -------------------|
B|-----1---1-------- ------0---0--------|
G|-----------0---0-- ------------0---0--|
D|---2---2-----2---- ----0---0-----0----|
A|-3---------------- -------------------|
E|------------------ --3----------------|

Intro: Am Em (2x)

Verse 1:
             Am                             Em
If there are angels in the world you're the king of them
          Am              Em
it was so good to be with you
           Am                                Em
you're the nicest person in the world that i ever met
      C                                      G
so it really doesn't make any sense what i'm up to

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Pre Chorus:
    Am              Em
i'm standing in the doorway
          Am                        Em
there's a cold cold breeze floating through me
       Am                     Em                           C
and it tears me away to other places, other reasons, other faces
baby i've gotta leave you

 gotta be alone now
C                          G
 gotta face the storm now alone
bad luck for you
 gotta run away now
C                      G
 gotta cause you pain now
                   D             Am
this is nothing to do with you
                 C            D
it was the wrong moment in my life

it was really bad timing
       Am                   C
i'm so sorry that i've hurt you

but i've gotta be alone now

Verse 2:
       Am                         Em
when i look in the mirror i see a monster
             Am                     Em
i failed completely and you have to pay for it
       Am                   Em
you're right to ask why but all i can say is
       C                                  G
you're fine the way you are just blame it on me

(Pre Chorus)


       Em                 Am                        D
how on earth could anyone understand it when even i don't
well you do
you forgive me
i never dared to expect you to
i'm really thankful you let me go 'cause you know