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Beggars Bliss Chords

"Beggar's Bliss"
From "Pup Tint"

Verse I:


Woman made of paper 

C                 F
Understand me now 

Am                                         C     F
This time they got you by the ears 

You might be nothing 

C                    F
Or just a footprint

Am                                             C      F 
But they been watching you for years 
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Chorus I:


It's a strange 


It's a bliss 

                          C     Bm
It's a beggar's bliss 

verse II:

A double dance 
For 20 dollars 
You may be crooked but not cheap 
Go ahead make a mistake 
That's what you're made of 
They been watching you for years 

And in the shadow of a candlestick 
You face appears 
Quickly now's the time 
Why are we waiting?
Uptown, downtown 
I could care less 
I been watching you for years