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Still Evolving Chords

Still Evolving by Luke Conard

G                   D
A whisper still can pierce the ear,
   Em                 C
My laugh is sometimes filled with fear.
    G                  D
The heart can't be one on a sleeve,
          Em                 C          D    G
There is thoughts that still reside in privacy
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     G                D 
Don't put your finger on me,
        Em           C
Because I am still evolving.
    G               D
You can critique or dance with me,
          Em         C        D    G
When I'll never be a stagnant melody.

(Verse 2)
    G                  D
The sword will always become dull,
    Em              C
But love can make anyone whole.
    G               D
and I can't be what others see
   Em                C      D         G
Or live in sync with how my own heart beats.

Repeat Chorus

G   D  Em   C   D
Dada, Dada, Dada x2 

Repeat Chorus

End on G!

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Tabbed by: Jarred Dawkins