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Crash My Party Tab

The first part is the intro in a cool picking pattern that sounds nice with the song.
There are two guitars used for this part but this turns it into one.
It is a really good starting off finger picking exercise,
however if your aren't comfortable with it then you could just strum
the chord once and pick the last 3 notes (sounds more like the song)
at the end of each chord picking tab.  The rest of the song is played in
the same sequence of chords and is fairly an easy tune.  Have fun!

Standard Tuning, with an optional Capo 1st fret
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Chords: Cadd9-G-Em7-D (plus a dsus4)
        Cadd9   G              Em7   D        dsus4  D          play x2 at beginning
E -----3-2-------3-2-------3-2-----2--4--2---|
B --- 3----3----3----1----3-------3--3--3--3-|
G --0---------0---------0-----2--------------|
D -------------------------------------------|
A -3-------------------2---------------------|
E -----------3-------------------------------|

After intro you can strum the same chord pattern for the rest of the song.