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All My Friends Say Chords

Another song that ticked me off. You guys need to get more of the popular country songs. 
the way, I get ticked off pretty easily.

I got smoke in my hair, my clothes thrown everywhere
     A                                             E
Woke up in my rockin' chair, holdin' a beer in my hand,
Sportin' a neon tan
My stereo cranked up, I can't find my truck
How'd I get home from the club
Ain't got a clue what went down, so I started calling around
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           A             D                             E
And all my friends say I started shootin' doubles when you walked in
       A             D                          E
All my friends say I went a little crazy seein' you with him
    D                       A
You know I don't remember a thing
         D                           A
But they say I sure was raisin' some cane
        D                      A                         E
I was a rock-star, party-hard, gettin' over you comeback kid
                E               A            D           E
Yeah, I must've did what all my friends say (yeah, yeah, yeah)

I found my billfold, I cried oh, no, no
Good Time Charlie got me now I'm broke
But it was worth actin' like a fool
Yeah, girl, I must've really showed you


I was Elvis rockin' on the bar
Workin' the crowd, pourin' out my heart

(Chorus x2)


That's it! This is one of my favorite songs by Luke (other than Country Man).
Hope ya'll enjoy it.