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Youre Too Young Chords

Hi guys! I couldn't find chords to this song so I just had to put this up. I think this 
is right but let me know if this needs to be changed.

(for the first half of every verse, the A and the G is only strummed once. If you listen 
to the song you can make out where this changes to playing it fully)


D A Bm7 G  x2

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D                         A                     Bm7                  G
She was so clever for her age as a kid, she took pride in everything she ever said and did
        D                              A                Bm7
She was born as an angel, ticked every box on the list. How could someone so
beautiful end up like this?
       D                  A                          Bm7
She was brought up in an everyday council estate, had friends and family who
were never too far away
D                  A                                  Bm7
Even as a kid she’d sometimes loose her temper, and if attentions being
given, guaranteed she’s in the centre
D                     A                         Bm7                      G
 School was a struggle, result of her behavior. Excluded for the fights a saint a few 
days later
  D                       A                             Bm7
Cos when she got angry, she’d flip, see red. "You’re too pretty for the
violence" her mum always said
       D                    A                          Bm7
She had high aspirations; she was chasing the dream, until her first
conviction at the age of fourteen
          D              A                                           Bm7
She nearly killed a girl just for looking the wrong way, smashed her head so
hard against the ground she was unconscious for days
D          A                                       Bm7
 Passersby stopped to witness the torture while she stamped on the head of
the policeman’s daughter
       D                   A                            Bm7             G (once)
No remorse for the course of a magistrates court, it was everybody else’s fault of course

D       A                 Bm7     G
 What you doing with your night
D         A                   Bm7     G
 you're too young to ruin your life
D       A                 Bm7     G
 What you doing with your life
D         A               Bm7(once) G(once)
 You're too young to die toni---i---ight

The rest is pretty much the same as this, so... enjoy!