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The Lucksmiths -Untidy Towns
(Marty Donald)
>From the LP "Happy Secret"
(Candle Records LUC07- ?1999)
Transcribed by Andy Willinger- Culver City, CA. USA

   D                  Em       Bm      G
   First things first: I have a happy secret
   D              Em
   The next bit's worse
        Bm         A       G
   I intend to keep it that way
   D       Em                 Bm      G
   I can't remember the last word spoken
     D        Em            Bm
   I got some mail I didn't open
              A             G
   It's an un-read letter day
          D              Em
   I know both of us are poor
             D                   G
   But baby what are phone bills for
D         Em      Bm      G
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D                Em
   When it's not raining
              Bm                  G
   All these streets are filled with students
            D             Em                Bm
   But you won?t catch me complaining it's a nuisance
       A             G
   It's useless I know
          D                 Em
   A storm rolls across the suburbs
             D                         G
   And the streets are as empty as the cupboards
   But for the boy most likely
   And the girl most lovely
   D       Em            Bm                 G
   Given time I could get tired of all this sleeping
      D                Em
   The days I've thrown away
          Bm               A         G
   And the hours that I am keeping
    D            Em           Bm                 G
   But for a while I'm fairly happy feeling hopeless
      D           Em           Bm
   A somersault in a winter coat
             A          G
   I didn't notice a thing
        D                Em
   And I say it like it's unrehearsed
       D                         G
   But I said it in the bathroom first
   "The boy most likely
   And the girl most lovely"
       D            Em
   The hedges and the hibiscus
       D            Em
   As soon as she?s outside she says
       D            Em      D           G
   ?I grew up in the tidiest of towns?
       D                 Em
   Past the pub where my parents met
       D                         Em
   Resigning ourselves to modern architecture
  D             Em          D      G      D
   Don?t let the barstools get you down