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   The Lucksmiths - Southernmost 
   (Marty Donald)
   Transcribed by Andy Willinger 
   Culver City, CA. USA []
   Weekends away:
     D7                    Am
   These were the happiest days
    C                    G       D7
   Ill with the thrill of the chase
   They'd take a train
         D7                     Am
   Take off Friday for the coast
       C                  G
   In summer they'd go southernmost
           D7             Am
   Where the sky was swimming-pool blue
          C           G     D7
   And the swimming pool was too
      C            D7
   And every single weekend
        Em            C
   They'd dive in at the deep end
   And come Monday morning
         C                 G
   His skin still smelled like chlorine
   Am  D7  G  C  (3x)
   Am  D7  C  D7
   G              D7              Am
   Remember when forever seemed just fine?
               C                  G
   Seen through glasses of rose coloured wine
        D7             Am
   They'd sit up all night talking
                     C           G           D7
   Now she's sound asleep to the sound of his walkman
       C           D7
   And every single weekend
          Em           C
   The divide between them deepens
        C              D7
   A curse across the kitchen
          C                     G
   He might still be within spitting distance
          Am     D7             G          C 
   But there's only one way to find out...
   Am  D7  G  C  (2x)
   Am  D7
     C     G     C       G   C           G      Em   D7
   Take heart- Take a train- to the coast
     C     G     C       G   C           G      Em   D7
   Take heart -Take a train -southernmost
     C     G  
   Take heart
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