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Motorscooter Chords

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(Marty Donald)

Transcribed by Andy Willinger
Culver City, CA. USA []

Note: Best Played with Barre Chords.
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         G      D             Em           C
   I?ll put this place behind me soon
   For somewhere bright and shiny and new
   These streets got smaller the more I grew
         G      D            C
   It might be trite but it?s true
        G      D             Em           C
   I?m walking home in the early evening
   My fingers are numb and I can see myself breathing
   I feel down and out, I feel like up-and-leaving
         G      D            C
   There?s somewhere I?d rather be
    than here
G          C   (3X)
G         D       Em     C
G          D      B       C

        G      D             Em           C
   I?m as good as my word, I?m as good as gone
   Some days nothing can go wrong
   And I feel strange and I feel strong
         G      D                    C
   This is not where I belong...
                     G                  C
   And I don?t love you any more
                     G                  C
   And I don?t love you any less
                     G                  C
   You?re just as lovely as you were
   The day we met
      G                  C
   Let?s get out of here
      G                  C
   I?m looking forward to the future
      G                  C
   I?ve got a good idea
                        G G     C C     G G   G G
   And I?ve got a motorscooter
C      G (10th Fret)
C      G (10th Fret)
C   Am  G