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Forgetting Of Wisdom Chords

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The Lucksmiths- The Forgetting Of Wisdom
(Marty Donald)
Transcribed by Andy Willinger
Culver City, CA. USA []

       G                 D          Am
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       G                 D          Am
   A summer's day at my disposal
       G                 D          Am
   By way of apology, a proposal
     C                         G          D          C
   I really should have realised I was wrong, wrong, wrong
   G                        D          C          G
   Such a long, long, long time ago
      D                Am
      G        D        Am
       G                        D          Am
   It hasn't been all beer and skittles
       G                        D          Am
   There was some madness in the middle
   C                            G     D    C
   I'll make us sandwiches and I'll make amends
            G     D  C
 Am I making sense?
                    G     D  C
   We were good, good friends for a while
G         C
G         C          D
C                                            G    D  C
   It's almost ? literally ? the least that I could do