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Drunken Angel Tab

Drunken Angel - Lucinda Williams

Tabbed by Seb Oddos dit Zappy the Koala

Verse 1&2 (D  Em  G  D  /  Em  G x2/ D):   

D                  Em                   
Sun came up it was another day
         G                      D
And the sun went down you were blown away
Em                  G			
Why'd you let go of your guitar
Em                     G
Why'd you ever let it go that far
Drunken Angel

Could've held on to that long smooth neck
Let your hand remember every fret
Fingers touching each shiny string
But you let go of everything Drunken Angel

Chorus (Em  G  D x2)
Drunken Angel
G             D
You're on the other side x2
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E |--5--3--2-------2-----------------------------------------------|
B |------------5---3-----------------------------------------------|
G |----------------2-----------------------------------------------|
D |----------------0-----------------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 3 &4 (D  Em  G  D  /  Em  G x2/ D):   

Followers would cling to you
Hang around just to meet you
Some threw roses at your feet
And watch you pass out on the street
Drunken Angel

Feed you and pay off all your debts
Kiss your brow taste your sweat
Write about your soul your guts
Criticize you and wish you luck


Verse 5 & 6 (D  Em  G  D  /  Em  G x2/ D):   

Some kind of savior singing the blues
A derelict in your duct tape shoes
Your orphan clothes and your long dark hair
Looking like you didn't care Druken Angel

Blood spilled out from the hole in your heart
Over the strings of your guitar
The worn down places in the wood
That once made you feel so good Druken Angel

Chorus and Verse 1 again